Quantower trading platform

Volume analysis tools

Gain a clear view on the market

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Multiple assets in one platform
Apply volume analysis tools for trading on Futures, Stocks, Digital assets markets using a single platform
Find strong price levels & zones
Volumetric tools allow identifying reliable price zones and liquidity patterns, such as absorption, exhaustion, and pullbacks
Various data feeds & brokers
Use synchro connection to get full depth data from different sources and send your orders to multiple brokers

Cluster chart

Cluster chart
Gain full market insight using price, volume, time and order flow on a single Cluster chart. Switch between various display modes to find the imbalance of buyers and sellers
Various data visualization
Coloring modes
Buy & Sell Trades
Clear view on liquidity levels
Delta chart

Volume profile

Volume profile
Get to know how the total Volume, Buy & Sell trades, as well as Delta were distributed over the selected period
Left & Right Volume Profile
Place volume profiles on the left and right sides of the chart and analyze different time periods simultaneously on one combo profile
Step & Custom
Set a certain step of volume profile to see the distribution of trades, delta or Buy & Sell volumes for any time step.

Get accurate information on a fair price and point of control for any selected time range on the chart.
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Time statistics & Histogram

Time statistics & Histogram
Analyze an extended volume data for each individual bar that is presented in the table form or as the histogram. Switch between 20+ data types in one click to see market activity from different angles
Volume & Number of Trades
Separate Buy & Sell Data
Delta & Filtering Volume Data
Average & Maximum Trade Size


Reveal a “benchmark” price for an asset for any period of the trading day or session. Average price is weighted by volume for evaluating the overpaying or underpaying of current price relative to the VWAP price
VWAP in Quantower volume analysis tools

Historical time&sales

Historical time&sales
Get the full information on how trades were executed, in what order, volume and at what price. Just select the historical bar and you will get the list of all executed trades in the Time & Sales view
Time&Sales tool in Quantower volume analysis tools

Benefits of volume analysis tools

Get a deeper understanding of market actions and movements
Find the imbalance between buyers and sellers and trade with the dominant side
Identify the strongest price levels for accurate entry points
Determine the point of control and value area for the selected range