DOM Surface

Coloring schemes

Find the strongest levels on the liquidity map using three different coloring modes to achieve the best analytics and trading experience

Coloring modes of DOM surface

Imbalance & sizes

Read each level like an open book. See who is pushing the market using the trades imbalance stats as well as analyze an absolute & cumulative size per each price level

Imbalance and sizes of DOM surface

DOM levels contrast

Focus your view on a highest volume levels of price modifying the contrast parameter in Quick settings. Try it right now by dragging the scroller

DOM surface low contrast

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Quick trading

Submit orders directly from the chart in one click. Convenient and intuitive order management allows you to change prices by simply dragging, cancel them or execute by the market price

Quick trading in DOM surface

Details inspector

Examine all of the data per each trade to get the exact information about its size and execution time

Detailed info inspector of DOM surface

Trades, one-by-one

Don’t miss any trade while the market flows. See the size, price & side per each executed order immediately, when this order occurs

Trades view of DOM surface

Trade with Quantower

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