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Quantower Free version
Allows all segments as supported by Broker or Quantower. See Feature Matrix for more details
Requires Broker Connection Download
Feature matrix
Lite Requires Broker Connection
Only suitable for features that works with Real-Time, Market Depth, and 1- Minute and above historical data. Not suitable for OrderFlow, Volume Analysis features
Quantower Advanced Requires Broker Connection
Suitable for all features of Quantower. Select the right segments below based on your trading requirements:

Quantower Add-ons:

Quantower PRO Available Soon
Enables access to some of the global connections for data feed, international equity, futures, forex brokers and Crypto exchanges.
  • Requires Quantower Advanced Plan
  • Additional Data feed / exchange charges may apply and not included in this price

Third-party Add-ons:

Options dynamix indicators
Options Dynamix Indicator is a third party indicator suite with multiple indicators related to Options Data Analysis.
  • Requires Quantower Advanced Plan

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