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Enjoy a clean, intuitive interface that adjusts itself
exactly the way you expect it
Single command center - Quantower Single command center - Quantower
Binding of panels - Quantower Binding of panels - Quantower
Multiple workspaces & screens - Quantower Multiple workspaces & screens - Quantower

Single command center

Intuitive and flexible command toolbar allows to create, save and manage your personal environment for successful trading

Binding of panels

Simple and funny way to combine several panels in one entity with further integration into your workspace.

Multiple workspaces & screens

Create as many workspaces as you want. Manage and switch over them with one click.


The right way to understand and identify market trends
and get an edge
Various chart types and styles - Quantower Various chart types and styles - Quantower
Set of studies and drawings - Quantower Set of studies and drawings - Quantower
Flexible Time frame switcher - Quantower Flexible Time frame switcher - Quantower

Various chart types and styles

Our intelligently designed Chart module gives you a brand-new look on financial markets with different chart types and styles

Set of studies and drawings

Quantower provides wide set of drawing tools and technical indicators that allow traders to focus on the main reversal points, gaps, trends and other price movements (40+ indicators by default).

Flexible Time frame switcher

With our modern and flexible time frame selector, traders can easily switch over various predefined chart frequencies or create custom intervals based on time, tick, range or volume

Order Execution

Single platform for accurate execution of equities, options,
futures and FX instruments
Chart & Mouse trading - Quantower Chart & Mouse trading - Quantower
Multiple order types - Quantower Multiple order types - Quantower

Chart & Mouse trading

Compact mode of order entry allows you to quickly and accurately open and manage your positions directly from the chart. The wide and necessary functionality of this panel will allow you to set the levels of stop loss and take profit, set Time in force options, necessary quantity of orders as well as modify and cancel it

Multiple order types

Diverse order types help you make smarter decisions faster and simplify your trading execution on any markets. Flexible settings for each order will allow you to choose not only the price, volume or side, but also the time in force of the order and set the execution algorithm

Trading via DOM Trader

Place, manage or execute your orders in one click with easy using Depth of Market panel. Follow the market flow by analyzing the order book with full transparency.


Intelligently designed analytical tools brings more
profitable opportunities and confidence
Emulator mode - Quantower Emulator mode - Quantower
Multiple connections - Quantower Multiple connections - Quantower

Emulator mode

Quantower offers to all traders a specially designed simulation mode that allows you to fully evaluate the entire functionality of the platform without risk. Our trading engine can accept, manage, fill trading orders and tracking created positions internally in Quantower platform. Using our simulator, you can easily understand all the platform’s features and guaranteed to prepare for real trading

Multiple connections

Using a trading network of available brokers and liquidity providers, configure a multi-connection in one click. Receive data from one or more sources and send trading orders to your favorite broker under single connection
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