Added trading on HitBTC, default settings for drawings & indicators and more customizations

Added trading on HitBTC, default settings for drawings & indicators and more customizations


One of the important elements of our platform development is feedback from users. That's why we have entirely dedicated this update not only to bug fixes and optimizations but also took into account requests from our users.

Added Trading on HitBTC

In the previous version, we made a connection to the HitBTC crypto exchange as a market data provider. Today we are pleased to announce that we have added the ability to trade on HitBTC using the Quantower platform. Just enter your trading account data — API Key & Secret Key — and trade cryptocurrencies on a modern trading platform.

We remind you that in the “Info” mode you can simulate trading without risk on real money. Read more about how to use Demo trading for digital assets on any crypto exchange.

More Customization for Control Center

Control center is the starting point of all terminal, used as a launcher and informer simultaneously. And for optimal use of the space on it, we have added the ability to display/hide some controls. For example, to hide the Timezones, Workspaces, Connections, etc., right-click on the context menu and go to View section. By clicking on the ticks, the controls will appear at the control center.

More customizations for Control Center of Quantower platform

We have also added the ability to quickly call the controls without displaying them on the control center.

Quick access to controls of the Main Toolbar

Ability to add Order Entry to the Bind

Previously, some platform panels could not be added to a group or Bind. And as it turned out, it was not convenient for most users. That's why we changed the behavior of Order Entry and Crypto OE panels, making them flexible, with the ability to be included in Bind.

Saving default settings for drawing tools and indicators

Change the settings of any drawing tools and indicators as you wish and save them by default. The next time you start the tool, it will have previously saved settings that can also be overridden.

Save settings for any drawing tools and indicators as default

Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed Automatic Logout of Quantower account after a certain time
  • Optimization of Internet traffic consumption for Binance connection
  • Fixed the problem of non-working Hotkeys for panels that are in the Bind

To sum up

As always, we don't mention here less significant but numerous other fixes and micro-improvements. Be sure that they have been deployed, forming a solid foundation for best user experience and the future of the platform's development.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. Leave them in our socials, Telegram channel, chat support on our website or in Skype.



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