Connection to cTrader API 2.0 is ready to use

Connection to cTrader API 2.0 is ready to use


New Connection to cTrader API 2.0

In our platform, we already have an active connection to cTrader, which allows trading with any cTrader broker using our platform. But the first version of the API had many restrictions for third-party softwares, which caused inconvenience in the process.

Today we are glad to present the connection to cTrader API 2.0. What are the main advantages over the first version?

  • Αccounts API REST requests have been replaced with Protocol Buffers. This means that one technology, called Protocol Buffers, will be used for Account API and Trading API that allows serving much more resource intensive applications.
  • Request Limits Significantly Increased. As a result of switching to Protocol Buffers, request limits have been significantly increased enabling much faster performance for applications using the API, like Quantower.

If you want to try trading through any broker that uses cTrader technology, follow our instructions on creating and connecting a new account (or existing)

ctrader api 2.0 is ready for use in quantower platform

Visual changes in Account Manager

We have made some visual changes to the Account Manager inside the platform:

  • replaced the information about the status of licenses from the main menu on the toolbar. Green icon means successful authorization in the license system. Gray icon indicates Log Out status.
  • if you have several licenses — Volume Analysis, Premium, Power Trades, etc. — they all will be visible in one window. For each license, the activity status and expiration date are shown.

improved account manager

Added Cumulative Delta to the Volume Impact indicator

At the request of our users, we have added Cumulative Delta to the Volume Impact indicator. This type of data sums up each delta value with subsequent values for a certain period of time (or the number of bars).

Added cumulative delta to the Volume Impact indicator (Black Whale indicator)

Changed the management of all open panels

Another change that we have also made in response to numerous requests from users. Now all open panels can be visible on the Windows taskbar without the need to drag other panels.



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