5 new features for DOM Trader panel. Exante Connection and two coloring themes

5 new features for DOM Trader panel. Exante Connection and two coloring themes


Connection to Exante Broker

Another new trading connection has been added to the Quantower platform. Meet Exante, a European broker that provides direct access to 50+ markets in the US, Europe, and Asia. Thanks to the wide coverage of the markets, you can trade Stock, ETFs, Forex, Futures, Options, Bonds from one account.

Exante is available in Quantower platform

See our documentation for detailed instructions on how to connect to Exante. If you already have an account with this broker, you can trade through our platform.

Exante connection Quantower

DOM Trader Improvements

Finally, it is time for the improvements in the DOM trader panel that our users have requested. This release includes only some, but important part of the functionality.

Volume Profiles

Added 3 new columns for volume profiles, in each of which you can set any data type with different periods. Also, in the settings, you can set the custom session, within which the profile will take into account the executed trading volume.

You can add profiles to the panel, as well as change data types and period, in two ways:

  • via the panel context menu (right-click on column headings);
  • through the General Settings of the panel in the Profiles section.

Enable volume profiles in DOM Trader panel


This histogram shows the percentage of how much the volume of buy orders exceeds the number of sell orders (and vice versa) for each price level. It measures whether the limit order book is buy or sell heavy. The more the imbalance exceeds one side, the higher the probability of price movement towards the imbalance. In fact, it is a good predictor of price direction.

Imbalance column in DOM Trader panel

New Trading Buttons

In addition to the existing buttons for Market orders, we have added a list of buttons for canceling limit orders and closing positions:

  • CLX button cancels all orders and closes all positions for the selected trading symbol
  • Flatten button closes all positions at the current market price
  • Cancel buttons revoke the corresponding orders

Trading buttons in DOM Trader panel Quantower

Minor changes — Auto Center, Coloring modes for Bids / Asks

Auto center button holds the position of the best bid / best ask in the center of the price ladder. 

Added the coloring modes for Bids / Asks columns — Histogram, Gradient and Combine mode.

Coloring modes for Bids and Asks in DOM panel Quantower

New Coloring Themes

In addition to existing color schemes, we've added 2 new ones — Light Forest and Grayscale.

Two new coloring themes were added to Quantower platform

To switch Quantower to another coloring theme, just go to the platform’s General Settings and in the General category, you’ll be able to choose from seven modes under “Theme”.

Change coloring theme in Quantower

As always, we’re grateful for your feedback — it helps us to create a better platform so we welcome your comments, good and bad.



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