Meet WOO Network: a new integration for Quantower

Meet WOO Network: a new integration for Quantower


Quantower recently integrated with WOO Network, which provides institutional-grade liquidity to traders. Let's find out all the benefits of this integration and why our community of traders highly demands it.

WOO Network is a multi-faceted deep liquidity network connecting traders, exchanges, and institutions with best-in-class liquidity, trading execution, and yield generation strategies at low or even zero cost. With a zero-fee centralized exchange named WOO X and two decentralized exchanges called WOOFi and WOO DEX, WOO Network’s suite of products specializes in satisfying the needs of every type of trader.

Founded in 2019 by Kronos Research, WOO Network has the team and the tools to take traders' experience to new heights. WOO's liquidity network provides deep order books, tight spreads, and competitive pricing. It has a proven track record, having successfully partnered with the likes of Binance, Kucoin, and many other tier 1 exchanges.

Quantower is suitable for various asset classes and advantageous when trading spot and futures on WOO Network markets. Casual and beginner-level traders should choose spot trading for buying and selling assets. On the other side, futures and spot-margin trading allows using leverage for their trades to enhance the potential returns. WOO Network offers around 110 spot markets and 70 futures markets that users can trade with zero fees. These include BTC, ETH, AAVE, MATIC, SAND, and many other well-known names, along with relatively new ones.

Another benefit of the WOO Network is that they provide their trading services for a meager fee and even for free to those who hold a small amount of their native token (WOO). Such an approach is very attractive for high-volume traders who can save thousands of dollars daily on fees. For example, by staking just 1800 WOO, a trader moving $100K volume/day on WOO X could save up to $182,500 in trading fees per year.

3 months free Quantower premium

Additionally, Quantower will offer all of its premium features for free to WOO Network users as a welcome bonus starting now (October 26, 2022) and during the next three months. We believe that WOO Network will become our premium partner in the future.

A unique proposal from WOO X

To celebrate integration, WOO X is announcing 30 days of rewards for new users who create a WOO X account and trade on it through the Quantower app. Every participant in this event, starting today, will access 30 days of zero-fee API trading and have the chance to win:

  • One whole Bitcoin
  • Share of a 20,000 WOO prize pool
  • 5,000 WOO to the trader with the highest volume
  • 5,000 WOO to the trader with the best PnL

Find more details about the Rewards action on WOO official website.




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