Meet the Quantower Algo extension, API documentation, and Strategy Runner panel

Meet the Quantower Algo extension, API documentation, and Strategy Runner panel


Today we are publishing a new release which is wholly related to algorithmic trading. As you know, Quantower trading platform provides a comprehensive set of professional features for manual trading, but we always pay attention to algorithmic trading also.

With Quantower Algo solution you can create different trading scripts such as indicators and strategies. What is differ Quantower, from others trading platforms - you don't need to study some proprietary language or development environment. You will use the only standard, well-known instruments, that used by developers all over the world.

So, what we have for you today?

Quantower Algo, an extension for Visual Studio

We don't want to force you to study some new development environment or language. We decided to focus on trading functionalities, but provide our user possibility to use all popular product for development via extension or plugins. First in this line is Visual Studio - professional IDE with really great features. We published our Quantower Algo extension on Visual Studio Marketplace.

An example of Simple Indicator in Quantower Algo extension

You can read the manual of how to install Visual Studio and our Quantower Algo extension in our knowledge base.

Set of help articles for Quantower Algo

We've added a set of articles in our knowledge base, which covers the main aspects of using our Quantower Algo solution: from installing the required tools to examples of simple indicators and strategies. We are planning to add new topics constantly, and you can tell what will be interesting for you.

API documentation

API is the significant part of our Quantower Algo solution. It is open, transparent and powerful. It gives you access to all our core trading features, and it is the same API we are using during development, which means you can create not only trivial indicators and strategies but more complex script or even fully functional panels. API is written in C# — simple, powerful, flexible and one the most popular programming languages in The World. You won't have big difficulties using it. We also plan to extend this API according to our users' requests.

Strategy Runner panel

We have added a special panel allows you to run your strategies for live trading or backtesting process. Once you compiled your script, you will see it in Strategy Lookup. Select it and specify input parameters to start.

Trading strategy works in Strategy Runner panel

Be careful with your automatic strategies on real accounts. We strongly recommend you to check your strategy on emulated history first. You can use backtesting or Demo account of your broker (if provided) or Trading Simulator for this.

Improved settings for indicators & drawings

Close cooperation with our users is a key value for our team, which improves the quality of our platform. As a result, thanks to requests of our users we’ve made some changes in the settings window of indicators and drawings:

  • added the ability to set the displaying of an indicator (drawing) on a specific timeframe
  • simplified and reorganized the window of settings
  • placed all the indicator (drawing) settings in a single window, which simplifies their modification.

We wish you good luck with your algo trading. It is a quite complex tool with different details and we sure, you can provide us with valuable feedback that can make it better.



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