Quantower trading platform. The year 2019 in review

Quantower trading platform. The year 2019 in review


2019 was a very productive year for our project ‘cause we put a huge effort to make the Quantower trading platform more functional, usable and stable than ever before.

20 primary releases

Many updates happened as a result of tight cooperation between our team and our clients from various focus groups. Most of the feedback was highly positive and endorsing thus making us believe that we did our work the right way. Let us remind the key features we've made in Quantower this year.

Quantower 2019 releases roadmap

29 new trading & data connections

Could you please remind us of any other trading terminal, that was integrated with so many third-party Brokers, exchanges & data-providers? This year we've connected with:

  • Interactive brokers
  • Barchart
  • BitMEX
  • Xena Exchange
  • cTrader API 2.0
  • FxPro
  • TopFX
  • Axiory
  • Purple Trading
  • Kimura
  • Trader'sway
  • ActiveTick
  • LYNX
  • Alpha Vantage
  • Coinbase Pro (GDAX)
  • Huobi Global
  • Polygon.io
  • Binance US
  • OKEx
  • Rithmic
  • Pepperstone
  • IC Markets
  • Scandinavian Capital Markets
  • Optimus Futures
  • Cannon Trading
  • GFF Brokers
  • Striker securities
  • Alpaca securities
  • Exante

… and more are coming at the very beginning of 2020. This direction of Quantower development stands us among the other trading applications and strengthen the belief that we are the true multi-connect trading software.

7 new major functionalities

Powerful and extensive functionality coverage is the one of the core principles of Quantower ideology. We strive to propose our clients as many useful features as they asking and don't forget to produce some exclusive features as well. 7 new major features were added this year:

15 new indicators

What can assist a trader in taking the right trading decisions better than a good intelligent indicator? We've added 15 new ones in 2019:

  • TD Sequential
  • Donchian Channel
  • High/Low
  • Super Trend
  • Ichimoku
  • Pivot Points
  • Stochastic momentum index
  • Guppy Multiple moving averages
  • Triple Exponential Averages
  • Omni Trend
  • NRMA
  • Level 2
  • Indicator of Separated ATRs
  • Volume Impact
  • Delta-Rotations

All of the mentioned indicators are free-to-use starting from a Free version of Quantower, so you can download and try them out right now.

10 UI enhancements

We are pushing a lot of effort to idealize the UI of the Quantower trading terminal in order to make the trading more convenient and concentrated on the process. As a result, we have made 10 good enhancements this year:

  • 4 new coloring schemes added
  • UI localization updated
  • Help Center added, for better reaching Knowledgebase, Videos & Support channels
  • New Quantower Account Manager, for controlling your paid licenses
  • Improved management of all open panels in “Windows-style”
  • Search improvements in symbol lookup screen
  • Updated the default workspace
  • Panels minimization added
  • Quantower Alert Bot for alerts synchronization with Telegram messenger
  • Welcome screen while platform starting

Numerous improvements

Create and improve — is a key rule of the Quantower team, so we paid a lot of attention to the previously existing functionality upgrade. All of the changes are the product of mutual cooperation with the truest clients.

  • Watchlist: added indicators, ability to create a new panel from Watchlist symbol, rows sorting, Quick panel lock, alerts and filters for indicators, 3 new columns - Actions, Cursor synchronization
  • Chart panel: time to next bar, price alerts, Quick Order Entry, Symbol Description on chart, fonts & colors improvements, Volume Bars chart type, Quantower chart type, Alerts for indicators
  • Volume analysis: added Value area, Updated Custom Volume Profile, VWAP, Custom coloring mode for Cluster Chart, Added Buy/Sell Volume distribution, Full Chart Range and multiple POC(s) for all profiles, Multiple VWAPs, Anchored VWAP (Custom VWAP)
  • Order flow surface: added indicators, drawings & volume analysis
  • Improved Market Heat Map panel for better performance
  • Trading via Option Analytics
  • Added Cumulative Delta to the Volume Impact indicator
  • Search news in the RSS panel
  • Power Trades got a predefined templates for 36 crypto-symbols
  • Updated Quantower Algo extension for Visual Studio 2019 support
  • OCO orders for Binance trading
  • Time & Sales panel got History Range mode
  • Elliot triangle Wave, Triangle pattern, Three Drives pattern drawings

Concluding the list of Quantower achievements we would like to say, that your feedback is vital for us. Your criticism making us focus while your endorsement gives us wings for reaching the new heights.

As for plans for future development, we can say that we have a lot of ideas. In the closest future, we are going to release several new major features for Options and Futures trading. Moreover, we are planning to release Web or Mobile (or both) versions of Quantower to make it not just "multi-connect" and "multi-asset", but "multi-device" also.

Thanks to every trader, who bought a paid license for any advanced functionality, thus supporting our team financially. Thanks to every person, who proposed new features, thus filling us with new ideas for development. Thanks to every client, who shared info about our trading platform among their friends, thus spreading an idea of Quantower all over the world.



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