Alpaca Markets is available for trading via Quantower. Added initial balance and migrating POC for TPO Profile

Alpaca Markets is available for trading via Quantower. Added initial balance and migrating POC for TPO Profile


Connection to Alpaca Markets (Alpaca Securities broker)

We’re happy to announce that Alpaca Markets is now live in Quantower! Alpaca Securities provides brokerage services with commission-free trading, free and real-time consolidated Market Data, that is provided by third-party data vendor Polygon.

Users that have signed up with Alpaca but have not opened a real money brokerage account are able to receive free real-time data from IEX. This data feed only includes quotes and trades occurring on the IEX (one of the U.S. stock exchanges) order book.

Trade with Alpaca Market via Quantower platform

Trading and consolidating market data currently available for U.S. residents only.

TPO Profile chart got more features and improvements

In the previous release, we added TPO Chart panel, known as Market Profile chart, that shows the price distribution during the specified time to the platform. In case you don't notice this panel :) we recommend you to watch our overview video or read the article where we described the main features of the panel.

In this version, TPO Chart panel has received additional improvements:

Migrating POC and Final POC for TPO profile

In addition to the Final POC, we've added Migrating Point of Control for each TPO profile, which shows the change of POC during a trading day or a selected session.

Initial Balance

Opening Range or Initial Balance is a price range, which is formed during the first hour of the main session (RTH session). The opening range can be used as support and resistance zones.

Sometimes traders can set Initial balance as first 10 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on the trading instrument and the selected session. In the additional settings, you can set any period for Initial balance.

TPO Statistical table

This table provides basic information for each TPO Profile:

  • TPO numbers
  • Prices of POC, Value Area High / Low
  • Rotation Factor
  • Total Volume for each profile
  • Delta and number of Trades

Enable it via advanced settings of TPO Chart panel in the General category or via Button on the toolbar (near Volume Analysis).

Custom period for Initial Balance of Market Profile (TPO Profile Chart)

TPO Custom colors for different data types

Added more customization for the TPO chart. Change default coloring schemes for TPO profiles depends on the selected data type.

Customize colors for different TPO data types

Indicators and price marker for each bar

All available indicators in the platform can now be added to the TPO chart. For example, add RSI, EMA or Level2 indicator and extend the analysis.

Also, we've added Price Marker that shows Open price or Close price for each bar in the profile.

Other goodies — multiple accounts for Rithmic, copying drawing tools

Many of you may be aware of the simultaneous connection of different accounts within the same broker or exchange. This long-standing and popular option is now available for Rithmic connection and all its brokers.

Other goodies — multiple accounts for Rithmic, copying drawing tools

All drawings that are placed on one chart can be copied to another chart for the single symbol (!) in one click.

copying drawing tools between different charts

As ever, we’d love to hear what you think about Quantower, your feedback helps us improve whole the platform. Keep an eye out for future updates!



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