Happy New Year gifts from Quantower

Happy New Year gifts from Quantower


This year was great and brought many cool features for professional trading, inspired by our community traders and patiently realized by the Quantower development team. Such collaboration is a core principle of Quantower's evolution, and we are very grateful for your interest and high involvement in this process. To thank you, our partners and we have prepared some gifts for you to make your holiday trading more beneficial.

  • -22% on all Quantower licenses with coupon code “BYE2021”.
    Starting from 20.12.2021 till 07.01.2022. No strings attached.
  • Up to -50% on selected data feeds from our partner dxFeed.
    Starting from 20.12.2021 till 30.12.2021. For all non-pro users, who subscribe to dxFeed for a first time or renew an existing subscription.
dxFeed product First month with a promo Standard monthly fee from the second month
CME Group (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX) Market Depth 69 99
CME Market Depth 19 39
Nasdaq TotalView Market Depth 39 69
OPRA. U.S. Options Composite 29 49
EUREX Futures Level 2 (Price levels) 39 65
Borsa Istanbul Futures Level 2 + Indices 29 39
Borsa Istanbul Equities Level 2 + Indices 29 39

We wish you profitable trading, implementation of your forecasts, stable connection, and enough margin for your complicated but so engaging art of trading. We will do our best to assist you in this process and support your creative trading ideas.

Best wishes and Happy New 2022 Year from all the Quantower family!



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